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Business Architecture, where to start?

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Business Architecture – the internal or the external game? Business Architecture (BA) is typically referred-to as one of the architecture disciplines, the “business-side” of enterprise architecture (EA). Where enterprise architects primarily focus the entire organisation at a more holistic level (the “whole”), bridging concepts to planning, the business architect primarily focus on the business-side of

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From “EA” to architecting digital

Consider banks, insurance companies and online services, IT is often an integrated way of doing business so there is in most sectors no way you can talk about IT and business without seeing them as one overall entity where products and services are on a constant drift towards more digital forms, more tech-enabled, challenging time

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Agile and Digital Planning

SAFE and scaled agile development is the new mindset for many product-oriented businesses as a smarter way to get pace into software development. Often the speed of delivery is increased as autonomy supports local decision power and more open-ended development and with dedication by a local product manager in each product team. However, some decisions

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More Planning, Fewer Projects!

  This week we should have attended the IRM Innovation, Business Change and Business Transformation forum in London, but due to covid-19, the conference has been postponed. One of the slides to be presented is the ubiquitous definition of “strategy execution”. While for some it means just the implementation of the strategy, and for others

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Digital Planning and TBM in the strategic race

The idea of digital planning is to harvest the benefits of Enterprise Architecture to capture the holistic perspectives of an organisation between strategy and planning, and how to set priorities for aligned responses to daily delivery. To avoid siloes of behaviour, it is important to set the right focus on ideation and investments to win

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Set the “right” strategy team

Strategy is about setting targets for the future, choosing the right direction based on insight to market and resources. Strategy leads to strategy execution, but strategy execution is about delivery, minimising risk and getting the organisation to deliver the strategic ambitions – something that requires people, process and technology to be involved. Malcolm Gladwell has

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