Data Care

With increasing digitalisation and transformation, the urgency to provide good data is increasing. We provide Data Care as a service to you to help you with assessing and updating information to your governance and transformation estate. With assessments, interviews, consulting services we help you get proper data that provides ‘enough’ to make better decisions.  

We cover the full stack from interviewing and advisory to the technical data care to monitor synchronisations of the system landscape. Data Care is about making the application in focus in mint condition to offer better response to the end-users. Data that may relate to your investment strategy, application strategy, growth and innovation strategy – it all requires consulting and data care to succeed. Besides the tangible consulting services, we also provide managed hosting and technical hosting that ensures decision support. 

By analysing your demand and capacity we will be able to identify options on how and what your needs are in terms of data care. We will go through your current data, data flows, policies, processes and investments strategies and consolidation plans to identify gaps or improvements that is tailored to your business. Thereby, handling your data with care! 

Digital interaction using smart analytics and digital modelling is defined in our DNA. We provide advisory services and solutions built on leading technologies and a new consulting approach where we support you through your entire transformational journey. We are dedicated to help you improve your strategy execution of different planning disciplines such as resource planning, market and value forecasting and next generation of EA (Enterprise Architecture).  


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