Staun & Stender is an advisory services and solutions provider to larger corporations in areas of strategy execution, information management and process intelligence.

We work with our customers across a footprint of northern Europe, offering events for community sharing and network opportunities.

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Recent events:


  • When PMM optimises your Project Portfolio | June 26th | Århus.

  • Strategy Execution & EA | May 23rd | Utrecht, The Netherlands.

  • Digital Journey: “The Role of Digital Governance” | Helsinki| March 11.

  • Process Management: “Make it actionable” | January 24th | Copenhagen. Keynote by Henrik Holde, Senior Director at Maersk Drilling


  • Digital Governance: “GDPR & Strategy Execution in action” | October 10/11th | Birmingham/London. Keynote by Michael Noonan.
  • Digital Governance: “Strategy Execution made for real” | September 18th | Stockholm. Keynote by Anna Sandberg, SEB.
  • Process Intelligence: “Make it actionable” | June 7th | Copenhagen. Keynote by  Henrik Holde, Senior Director at Maersk Drilling.
  • Strategy to Execution: “The value of automating Digital Transformation” | May 29th  | Stockholm. Keynote by Annika Klüver.
  • Strategy Execution: “Dare to Disrupt” | May 3rd | Hellerup. Keynote by Jess J Ibsen, CEO at Itadel A/S.
  • Digital Governance: “CIO’s role in Business Transformation” | April 13th | Hellerup. Keynote by Torben Bonde, CIO at Nilfisk.