Strategy Execution – When portfolio planning helps you to optimise your outcomes! – Århus

Join our network seminar on February 26 2020, where we offer network and leading insights into value creation from next generation EA and project portfolio governance.

This event will show cases and insights to work with project portfolio management and the initiative phase prior to project execution to ensure the coupling between value an contextual knowledge. Most companies share some basic challenges like

  • Which projects should we invest in? Can we get a better overview in the prioritisation before they kick off?
  • How to see the resource planning for our initiatives and projects?
  • How to improve the coupling between business products and services and the investments, to secure the right amount of innovation 

The seminar will provide answers to these challenges and bring forward the benefit of aligning EA with portfolio planning. The seminar will provide focus to real use-cases and the importance to leverage from next generation toolset and methodology to achieve business outcomes, faster. The seminar will discuss among others:

  • Investment planning
  • Enterprise architecture and business architecture
  • How to support ArchiMate and BPMN without loosing direction
  • Strong use-cases and inspiring session

More and more companies start to work with short development cycles and more agile; however, it increases the need of the agile development teams to communicate with management and enterprise architects to secure investment budgets and target direction. The seminar will provide insights to best practices of how to develop models and solutions to tackle agililty, architecture and portfolio planning.

The seminar has use-cases, practice and networking options, taking place in Aarhus, 8:00-10:30, on February 26 2020.

Limited seating – first served.

Address: to be confirmed

Agenda for the morning:

7:30 Welcome & light Breakfast

7:50 Introduction: “Strategy and change – no one size fits all!” – Morten Stender, Partner

8:00 “When PPM enables your strategy” – practice and use-case, Speaker is to be confirmed

8:45 Coffee Break

9:00 “Aligning your PMO with EA is like closing the gap between Development and Operations” – Søren Staun, Partner at Staun & Stender

9:25 “PPM working smarter together!” – Peter Kristensen,  Principal Consultant at Staun & Stender

9:50 Q&A

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