Strategy Execution – When PPM optimises your portfolio!

Join our network seminar in Århus June 26th where Peter Voldstedlund as Director of Portfolio Management at VESTAS is presenting how to work with PPM to optimise the project portfolio.

Project Management Office (PMO) often has the oversight secure the right balance of investments to minimize risk and optimise the value creation to implement strategy and change. What does VESTAS do to optimise this portfolio? What can PPM do to enable the strategy?

The seminar will introduce a key note from Peter Voldstedlund, who is presenting how VESTAS work with priorities and investments in change. The seminar will also provide other use-case and practice  of how large-scale engineering companies can benefit by a next generation solution for solving PPM.

More and more companies start to work with short development cycles and more agile; however, it increases the need of the agile development teams to communicate with management and enterprise architects to secure investment budgets and target direction. The seminar will provide insights to best practices of how to develop models and solutions to tackle agililty, architecture and PPM working smarter together.

The seminar has use-cases, practice and networking options, taking place in Århus, 7:30-10:00, on June 26th.

Limited seating – first served.

Agenda for the morning:

7:30 Welcome & light Breakfast

7:50 Introduction: “Strategy and change – no one size fits all!” – Morten Stender, Partner

8:00 “When PPM enables your strategy” – practice and use-case, Peter Voldstedlund, Director for Portfolio Management (IT and R&D) in Vestas

8:45 Coffee Break

9:00 “Aligning your PMO with EA is like closing the gap between Development and Operations” – Søren Staun, Partner at Staun & Stender

9:25 “PPM working smarter together!” – Peter Kristensen,  Principal Consultant at Staun & Stender

9:50 Q&A

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