Cost Value with TBM – Webinar with TBM Essentials

Do you know how much IT costs? Do you know where IT spends the most money?

For instance, Do you know how many contracts you have got? Do you know when they are up for renewal? If they are, do you know how much it has been used?

It is questions like this we address, how to unify the collaboration and transparency to make management of agreements and cost allocations. To better understand cost management, you need to work with cost agreements and a structured approach of how to sort and categorize spending, this is what TBM is a framework for. It structures the cost into different perspectives that satisfy different needs to unit collaboration and transparency of cost management.

Join the TBM Connect Briefing to learn the essentials of how to get started with TBM; the Industry’s First Hierarchical Taxonomy of IT Services, Towers, and Cost Sources. To promote alignment between IT, Finance, and Business Unit leaders, TBM provides a standard taxonomy to describe cost sources, technologies, IT towers, applications, and services. The TBM taxonomy provides a generally accepted way of categorizing and reporting IT costs and other related metrics.

The Connect Briefing will provide the TBM Essentials and the provide the intersection to enterprise architecture and IT Management.



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