Ensuring Technological Success through Digital Dexterity

Join our network seminar in Stockholm 8 October, where Ericsson (Speaker to be confirmed) will be presenting how they have embarked on their digital transformation to allow for data-driven decisions, higher agility and better business outcomes.

Many companies are struggling to make analog tasks digital, find new ways to solve old problems and make their business better prepared for the future. More and more companies are starting to work with short development cycles for higher agility. However, this increases the need for the agile development teams to communicate with management and enterprise architects to secure investment budgets and targeted direction.

Ensuring technological success depends on many factors and can be very hard to achieve, especially when the external enviornment is in continous change. Digital dexterity allows for the organisation to continously build a flexible, agile workplace and workforce to support better business outcomes. In this seminar, we will hear from Ericsson how they have had to change culture, skillset, practices and structure to enable the exploration of existing technologies while exploring new ones.

It will provide insights to best practices of how to develop models and solutions that tackle agililty, architecture and business process management working smarter together. The seminar will have a key note from Ericsson who will focus on how they have prioritized and chosen to invest in change. There will also be other use-case and practice of how large-scale companies can work more focused and better with their digital transformation to ensure technological success.

The seminar has use-cases, practice and networking options, taking place in Stockholm, 7:30-10:00, on October 8.

Limited seating – first served. Address: is to be confirmed.


Agenda for the morning:

7:30 Welcome & light Breakfast

7:50 Introduction: “Strategy and change – no one size fits all!” – Morten Stender, Partner

8:00 “Tackling barriers to Digital Transformation” – practice and use-case, Speaker to be confirmed

8:45 Coffee Break

9:00 “Navigating Your Company through Uncertain Waters– Søren Staun, Partner at Staun & Stender

9:25 “Closing the Gap – Working Smarter Together!” – Peter Kristensen,  Principal Consultant at Staun & Stender

9:50 Q&A


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