Strategy Execution & EA | Utrecht, Netherlands

With this seminar we bring focus to data, analytics, and governance of these data to succeed in the intersection of Agile Development and Strategy Execution

Enterprise architecture (EA) is becoming a key ingredient to manage successful transformations as it brings transparency and structure to data and information and shows with analytics how things relate to each other. EA has become the strategic enabler to overview and manage these dependencies and information.

Now, how to make this information fresh and concise? As the amount of information increases, how can you stay on-top of the architecture to make meaningful decisions about the future? Are you able to balance the effort to keep data fresh and mint, with the strategic focus to change and provide a new target operation?

The agile perspective on enterprise architecture is a focus on collaborative and evolutionary exploration, and on democratising data to update the organization’s architectural ecosystem – in a context-sensitive manner.

The new role of EA supports the strategy execution with ability to make better decisions, supporting the business model canvas and address gaps in the execution space. To succeed with strategy execution it is more about updated information to change the planning than to detail plans in the ever-changing market conditions.

This seminar will provide a strong use-case of EA from ABN AMRO and key note from partner, on how to implement EA with a shift of focus to collaboration and planning, so that the portal of EA can provide rapid development and changes to the overall digital information model.

The event offers networking and refreshments. It is free of charge, and therefore, limited seating.


  • Welcome
  • “Introduction: Bringing Better Architecture to Agile Development” Morten Stender, Partner
  • Use-Case: “Digital Strategy: How to Succeed with EA” Mayank Saxena, EA (Chief Architect & Data Management) at ABN AMRO
  • Use-case: “Aligning your strategy with Capability-based planning: Connecting the Dots” Søren Staun, Partner
  • Wrap-up
  • Network & Mingle

When: May 23rd, 15.00 – 17.30
Where: Regus, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Language: English

Fee: Free of charge

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