Digital Governance & Digital Transformation – Stockholm

Digital disruption and new enterprise business models are important to understand and manage. We facilitate a seminar in central Stockholm with focus on enterprise models – and how to navigate with planning and insight to gain business outcomes to drive digital transformation.

Most companies experience an increasing pressure on providing faster outcomes with more ‘digital’ services.

  • How should this be planned?
  • How to ensure the success of the many stakeholders in a large organisation and at the same time provide values to the enterprise?
  • How to visualise alignment in strategy?

The seminar will cover use-cases, practice and network options to understand how leading organisations navigate to provide better enterprise planning. SEB will presents a use-case of how to work smarter with enterprise planning and digital governance to support the ever on-going transformation; a story that will highlight a modern solution using MooD to provide a fully inter-actionable navigation to reduce and manage the the complexity of an enterprise. This will be key-session to understand what options a modern solution can bring of value.

ORSTED will continue with another use-case of how to bring the enterprise planning across the stack of IT complexity – to provide an insight to a manageable portal of how things simple and intuitively tie-together; all provided in an enterprise or business perspective. People with focus on Applications Architecture will value this use-case.

Thanks to Annika Klyver, that will present the linkage to business capabilities and enterprise models, based on an illustration of a shared enterprise map that is stable; but supports the overlay of faster-changing properties to form a foundation on which enterprise collaboration can take place, such as innovation, and customer value.

Finally, we present the online solution to the above: How to support an enterprise model that provide the solution and intersection to relatively static enterprise capabilities with faster changing conditions such as processes, products and projects. Thanks to Joachim Zaisberger who presents a solution to online navigation for business processes, enterprise models and how tools like MooD and Signavio are key elements for the acceleration to online organisational navigation.

We will wrap up the session with lunch and networking.

“Digital Governance: Fuel to your Business Outcomes”, Morten Stender, Partner
“From a Strategy Formulation to Business Design and Execution”, Chief Architect, SEB
“ Transformation to a Green Business: How to Manage IT”, Chief Architecture, Lead architect, ORSTED
“The idea of enterprise navigation – creation of value maps”, Annika Klüver
“Solving value maps with online navigation and governance applying MooD and Signavio”, Joachim Zaisberger
Lunch & Network

Please register below. It is free to join with a limited number of seats.

  • Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2018
  • Duration: 4 hours, 9.00 – 13.00 (incl. lunch)
  • Address: Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre
    Nils Ericsons Plan 4, 111 64 Stockholm
  • Language: English

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