Processes Compliance

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Processes Compliance

What is Process Compliance?

Process Compliance is the discipline to provide evidence that at business does what it has documented in its business processes. While we can help you to document your processes providing leading solutions to Process Management, the compliance perspective represents a third party perspective, that the digital actions provided can provide evidence that processes are followed and process information is managed. While many businesses operate within a complex of systems, laws, regulations, and standards, the internal process management is central to manage the relationships and practices. We typically facilitate advise, services and solutions to guarantee process compliance against regulatory requirements. Transparent management of the decisions made within your business every day is a crucial to provide process compliance. Next-Insight empowers your compliance efforts throughout your business as a next-generation solution.

What benefits are delivered by Process Compliance?

All companies are linked to compliance through internal policies, laws, regulations, and standards. If these requirements are not adhered to, the negative consequences can be substantial. As the issue of compliance is becoming increasingly important, companies are facing bigger challenges than ever when implementing their strategies:

  • Guidelines are coming into force at an increasing rate
  • The extent and complexity of the requirements are constantly on the rise
  • The costs of non-compliance are rising rapidly because regulators have ever wider access to data

Companies need a fast and secure way to achieve compliance objectives throughout the organization.

With Next-Insight you can implement a long-term continuous improvement programme where focus on information and compliance is made simple, organisation-wide and with focus to key deliveries such as GDPR, Solvency, MIFID or simply the process compliance of annual risk assessments.

With the choice of platform, even complex tasks can easily be solved by linking process management and process compliance into one solution. Analysis of processes and decision insight is key to provide evidence to management that processes are followed, risks are categorised, and business impacts are considered to provide the basis for managing regulatory requirements. In many aspects, Next-Insight offers an out-of-the-box solution to GDPR compliance, annual risk assessments and process compliance that in most cases can jump start more automation of regulatory requirements.

We guide you to ensure control of your processes as a team effort by involving your employees and ensuring that everyone can participate in the compliance delivery.


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