Enterprise Service Management

For years’ organizations have been struggling to understand the word ‘services’. A service is something you offer to a ‘customer’, however, when do you actually become a ‘customer’? So by when can we talk about services? In a world of disruption, where our perception of ‘service’ is constantly on drift, what then defines a service?

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is a business-led concept providing focus to Customer Journeys and your existing and future customers.

Selective focus on the Enterprise Services will enable you to provide Services Blueprint and insight to what compositions and transparency do you have in your client delivery.

ESM as such has almost nothing to do with it service management (ITSM). Where ITSM is around services delivered to people inside an organization from IT, typically around help desk services, the ESM message is what an organization is selling and servicing to potential customers. And as the digital era is ongoing, we see a huge demand for being better at defining and managing the change of these market-related services, say products and services. The ESM focuses on the enterprise perspective of managing the services, that enables a company to target, sell and after-service customers and targets; at the same time being efficient in how-to-deliver these inside the company walls. We see these years a movement to ‘industrial’ services which may be experienced as tailored to the individual, but essentially is mass-produced by smarter usage of IT. These tailored or ‘changing’ services get still more attraction with the progression to internet, internet of things and mobile devices. We see existing technologies that enable us to start the customer journey much earlier. This essentially opens up for a customer-experience journey, from early scouting for a service – through-out the value chain to the after-services provided to customer.


However, as the technology gets smarter, we also see a need for ‘connected’ services, that allow large institutions to modernize their evolving set of services. ESM is about the managing the transformation of the services, from the early insight to the amount of existing services to the targeted new service landscape. If you want to manage this transformation, this is where we can help you!