IT Landscape & Systems Portfolio Governance

We target…

“Imagine you oversee IT – and you know what the IT Landscape consists of: You have a full overview to what is systems, services, software and their relations. You know the cost, and you know who is in charge to take decisions on different parts of the IT Landscape; viz. which department oversees what systems, services and processes. You have business people looking into the solution, helping you to plan transformation and strategic changes of your services and offerings. This is what it means to us of having control of your IT Landscape and Systems Portfolio Governance”.

We help  many organisations to gain control with their IT Landscape and take control and delegate responsibility to provide governance to the systems portfolio. With this service, we can help you to get transparency to your ever-changing IT Landscape, delegate the governance using your organisational structure, to ensure fresh and updated information to the estate of business IT. We typically integrate and rely on external data sources, bringing it all together in an intuitive and single source of connected and collaborative truth.

“The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change”.
                                                                                                                — Bill Clinton

Do you know the pain or symptoms, not to be able to answer consistently questions like

– What is an application?
– What is a system?
– Which systems support what business processes?
– How many systems do we plan to have?

Then this is typical trigger to ask for advice and get our solution in place to provide transparency to IT Landscape and Systems Portfolio Governance. We often see pain-points of investing too much in poorly implemented service manage solutions, scanning tools, configuration tools, without having and eye for the business or development side of an organisation. Implementations of service-now, remedy etc. will often provide configuration details of IT assets, however, they will typically only be a small element of business solution where focus is on business, governance, organisational deployment. With our solution you will gain a digital solution that integrates and provides the single-point of governance to your IT Landscape, helping you to fast provide a foundation for your corporate strategy and architecture planning.

“If you can’t describe business systems and services structure, then we cannot manage internal resources such as processes, products and services; then we cannot implement a strategy just assuming these are independent things”.                                                                                                                                                                                                   — W. Ritchie

With our advice and service of IT Landscape and Systems Portfolio Governance, we have an eye on business and on the portfolio across the entire enterprise. It is a portfolio perspective that provides transparency and provides the foundation for transformational change. We always recommend keeping the service in a business-centric view and with a strong focus on the governance. With our guidance and solution, you will get a modern digital solution that helps you to accomplish

  • Transparency to definitions and terms used when talking systems, applications, software, blueprints, and services
  • Transparency to assets and impact of what drives what?
  • Assessment of cost/benefit in a business and architectural perspective
  • Roadmap and modernization perspectives
  • Roles and data governance perspectives of good governance
  • Simplification and rationalization of applications
  • Life-cycle management of applications and underlying software products

Most companies and government agencies have a lower maturity in this discipline we start working with them, typically as they have focused on detailed wall-to-wall discovery exercises far-away from business focus. However, if the focus is to help business, to remove duplicated functionality and cost, we help the change into improved governance and portfolio planning.

“[IT Landscape and Systems Portfolio Governance] is really about implementing a repeatable process to assess what we have, and, if a system or service is not performing or does not meet our architectural requirements, eliminating it and replacing it with a better performing one. We’re doing it to try and reduce the money we spend on maintaining existing systems and services (that don’t perform well) and freeing up that money to invest in new and better performing applications”.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       — NASA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer

Please do not hesitate to request a demonstration or ask more questions, if we can help your organisation to take control.