Project Portfolio Management

We target…

“Imagine you oversee your company’s total investments for change – and you can explain the strategic targets, it’s planning and what it costs to provide the business outcomes. You have a full overview to innovation management and project delivery. You manage your exploration of ideas as well as your execution of project delivery. You know who is in charge for different value streams, projects and demands; viz. which business units fund or request what change. You are investing in change, and you have full insight into the dependencies of what value it brings and how it ties into delivery and resourcing. You have business and IT people looking into the solution, getting online insight to status and progress, helping you to innovate, update and improve the required changes of the outcomes realisation. This is what it means to us to be in control of your Projects Portfolio Management”.

We help many organisations to gain control with their investment management and strategic change by providing control and transparency to projects portfolio and the related upstream and downstream activities. With this service, we can help you to get transparency to your investments in future products, services and IT Landscape; to ensure fresh and updated information to the estate of your business change. We typically integrate and rely on external data sources, bringing it all together in an intuitive and single source of connected and collaborative truth.

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all”.
                                                                                                                                –Peter Drucker

Have you experienced some of the pain points of not being able to provide consistently questions like:
– What is a project?
– What is a change?
– Which products and services should we invest in to meet future revenue targets?
– How many demands and projects can we manage with our resourcing?

Then this is typical trigger to ask for advice and get our solution in place to provide transparency to innovation management and project delivery. We often see pain-points of investing too much in poorly implemented project execution tools without having an eye for the investment life-cycle or the sponsoring side of an organisation. Implementations of project server, project online, etc. will often provide configuration details of individual projects, however, they will typically only be a small element of business solution where focus is on strategic planning, governance, and organisational deployment. With our solution you will gain a digital solution that integrates and provides the single-point of governance to your projects portfolio, helping you to fast provide a foundation for your digital platform manage all strategic change.

“If you can’t manage the description of the internal resource structure, you can’t implement strategy”.
                                                                                                                                                      — Warren Ritchie

With our service of Project Portfolio Management, we have an eye on business sponsor and the portfolio across the entire enterprise. It is a portfolio perspective that provides transparency and provides the foundation for transformational change. We always recommend keeping the service in a business-centric view and with a strong focus on the governance. With our guidance and solution, you will get a modern digital solution that helps you to accomplish:
– Transparency to definitions and terms used when talking demands, projects, benefits and outcomes
– Transparency to projects and impact of what drives what in relation of business outcomes?
– Assessment of cost/benefit in a business and architectural perspective
– Roadmap and modernization perspectives
– Roles and data governance perspectives of good governance
– Simplification and rationalization of projects, as projects often live longer than their business requirements
– What resource planning match our planned project portfolio planning

The majority of companies and government agencies have a good understanding of project management as a discipline, but often lack the maturity drive this into value creation and benefits realisation. As a result, they put more focus to project performance rather than on value tracking and business outcomes. This is where we can help you. With our modern solutions for projects portfolio management, you get a strategic platform with focus on governance and portfolio management to achieve business outcomes.

“Achieve results, not phases: Many managers are too focused on having all projects run according to schedule and achieving each milestone as agreed, which suggests that everything is under control. Instead of being task-oriented, project plans should actually be results-oriented. In concrete terms, this means linking planned activities directly to the benefits to be achieved and measuring project progress not based on the number of completed tasks, but on the results achieved”. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     — Jeroen de Flander

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