About us

We are a leading consultancy firm for enterprise architecture, digital governance, and strategic business planning. With access to large-cap reference cases, best practice, and leading technology we help large organisations to digitalise their decision processes and succeed with digital transformation.

We bring knowledge and expertise to articulate how to succeed with enterprise architecture and business architecture management. We offer Architecture-as-a-Service as an offering, a subscription-based blend of senior skills, practice, and technology.

With carefully designed digital governance, we help you to digitalise processes of risk management and compliance management, removing flawed or inefficient business processes and bring digital interaction to your teams. No more people sitting on islands of knowledge, we enable you to manoeuvre with sudden changes and bring insights into the future of operations. We simplify and amplify Enterprise Architecture.

We promote leading technology representing an out-of-the-box solution to business and enterprise architecture, the customer’s choice of ITSM, and leading low-code by OutSystems. We represent collaboration and planning ensure a single holistic end-to-end view of your business model.

Our advisory, practices and solutions are engineered to radically improve business agility and fuel smarter collaboration – built as a single source of truth to ensure immediate access to all necessary information with simple integrations to external data-sources. We bring a connected end-to-end view and governance to your business with lower risk, better compliance, increased transparency and more people involved in the interaction. We help you to define new digital ways of working.

With main office at Henningsens Allé 8 next to Hellerup Station, we are Copenhagen-based, delivering services across the Nordics and Europe. We work remotely during the covid-19, but secure our operations with constant focus on Architecture-as-a-Service and frequent remote sessions.

We advise and provide insight into the connections and decisions of your business, enabling smarter data-driven governance and digital insight. We represent a new style of consulting approach where experiments, user-interaction, processes, and tooling are all considered.

Internally, we are a team-based organisation with consultants who have an ‘edge’ and would like to help you move forward to a next best-practice of insights.
We strive to be the company where people like to work, have fun together, share methodologies and get recognition for the work they do. We strive to be professional in everything we do and build a company based on trust, honesty, and freedom for the individual – helping our customers reach the next best-practice of insights.