Grievance & Support Policy

We work consistently with our processes and policies to become a company with a green profile; a company with decent behaviour and supporting human rights. We as a company work with client delivery in accordance with UN2030 and Global Compact, our customer ethics align with human rights and a strong ethics to customer delivery in every aspect.

Customers can reach support or report grievance for any of the following reasons:

  • Consultant harassment
    • Such as the way people talk to you, provide nick names of you, dis-favors you, etc.
  • Contractual failures
    • Misalignment between agreed contractual terms and perceived delivery
  • Complaints of quality in delivery
    • Perceived low quality of delivery
    • Delayed delivery
    • Lack of skills
    • Technical Performance
    • Response times, etc.
    • Functionality and user experience of solution, etc.
  • Adverse changes in delivery conditions
    • Such as late responses,
    • Maternity leave/paternity leave, replacement actions
    • Different behavior, etc.
  • Or business-related reasons, such as
    • Corruption (stealing, taking, misusing assets or money)
    • Bribery
    • Financial fraud (like changing financial records, changing dates of financial records)
    • Disclosure of company information to other parties, stealing information from company to other parties or individually
    • Conflicts of interest with employee’s private duties or private co-work arrangements. All employees are allowed to work against a plus-list of co-work, if and only-if agreed with management


  1. Reach out to support, using the support email or phone contact, typically if smaller issue.
  2. Reach out to your direct project manager– typically a senior consulting having the lead on the customer delivery
  3. Reach out to any of the partners who is commercially or technically accountable for any delivery, overall.