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How to achieve strategy success?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is a well-known saying by legendary management consultant Peter Drucker.

You will probably agree that strategy without realisation will not get you from your current situation to a desired future business state.

But where does strategy execution usually fail? We have identified four main dependencies: people, process, technology, and data. Theseartifacts at the same time are the main catalysts for successful strategy execution.

People - Process - Technology - Data

It is all about the people

When referring to people, we mean organizational culture, management structure, and politics, which can be a break-it or make-it factor for executing many strategic initiatives.

However, poor process flows can hinder people’s performance across the organization, which further affects the company’s culture. 

And yet, if processes are not powered by the right technology, synchronized data flows, up-to-date ownership and property information, it becomes hard to design a compliant business model, and involve the right stakeholders to make future-proof decisions.

Empower collaborative culture

Luckily, there is a solution to this. In recent years, digital Enterprise and Business Architecture practices have emerged as key facilitators to bring people, processes, technology and data together – and successfully turn your strategy into reality!

Digital Enterprise and Business Architecture practices power high-level business overview, data and information structure connected to your business model canvas, address gaps in the execution space, enable transparency and updated information to support people in making better, more informed decisions in the ever-changing market conditions.

Our experienced advisors and management consultants can help yoestablish a collaborative culture through the right digital tools and methodology, and make sure you successfully execute your business strategy.

Unleash your digital potential

To execute your strategy successfully, you need a living knowledge-base rather than a static, highly detailed plan. Learn how Business Architecture practice, powered by new generation data-driven tool Next-Insight can help you achieve your goals. 

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