Webinar: Digitalize Your Business Architecture & Portfolio Planning

This webinar will help you succeed with data-driven strategic business planning.

22nd of September, at 17:00 CEST | 16:00 UK | 11:00 EDT | 8:00 PDT

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About the webinar

Detailed plans are often useless, but overall planning is indispensable. Too detailed plans can curb innovation and a company’s growth, especially in today’s fast-changing technological world, coupled with constantly increasing customer expectations. What is relevant today, becomes outdated tomorrow, while also trying to win the battle of satisfying the customer needs.

How can large organizations then navigate through this high speed and magnitude of strategic options? People working with business change and architecture need to adapt their mindset on how to best plan under uncertainty and continuous change. Powered by certain approaches, tooling, and processes, organizations can develop their capacity to respond to changes rapidly, while balancing between short-term and long-term strategic business planning.

A capability-based and data-driven approach can help organizations bridge the gap between long-term objectives and ad-hoc delivery while ensuring informed decision-making, leveraging precious resources in the most effective way, and bridging silos to create cohesive experiences for customers, partners, and employees.

Seamless integration of digital offerings is a highly sought-after feature by most customers. Therefore, in this webinar, we will:

  • address the intersection between business architecture and digital portfolio planning based on outcome-centric business planning and pace-layering;
  • help you understand how data can be leveraged to drive new digital offerings – from innovation to planning and business roadmaps to ensure the most valuable strategic investments.

This session is particularly valuable for CIOs, IT Directors, PMO Managers, Business and Technology Leaders, Strategists, Product Managers, and Business and Enterprise Architects.

Duration: 40min. Register today!


Speaker - Morten Stender

Morten is one of the founding partners at Staun&Stender – a leading advisory and solution provider to business change and transformation. Morten brings professional background of strategy management and successful strategy implementation across the large cap segment. He has researched and practiced consulting in strategy, planning and IT Management since 90’s. Morten holds a PhD, M.Sc. and B.Com from the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School. He is an IEEE reviewer and appointed examiner at Danish Universities. 

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