Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a aims to identify, assess, and prepare for any dangers, hazards, and other potential disasters. The discipline not only calls for corporations to identify all the risks they face, but also to work structured with the approach to identify sources and possible treatments to manage risk actively.

Enterprise Risk Management does include the traditional practice of working with already identified risks, but it equally provides a more enterprise perspective and proactive perspective to avoid hazards to turn into real incidents. While the importance varies from industry to industry, we see aviation, construction companies, public health, energy and financial sector companies work more and more with the enterprise-perspective and the proactivity-perspective to mature their risk management.

A risk-based thinking will lead to risk-based problem solving and risk-based decision making which will support auditing and evidence of conformance, performance or risk controls. For organisations working with COSO, ISO 31000 or ISO9001, we can help you move into risk-based thinking with advise, practice and tooling. We bring practice, technology and executive advisory to lead you through a change journey.

Digital interaction using smart analytics and digital modelling is defined in our DNA. We provide advisory services and solutions built on leading technologies and a new consulting approach where we support you through your entire transformational journey. We are dedicated to help you improve your strategy execution and guide you to a next leadership practice based on digital governance, enterprise risk, data-driven governance and assurance.


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