Process Optimization

Process optimisation requires you to capture, what do we mean by a business process, and what is the value of documenting business processes.

What is business process?

A business process is often way to express how things are done, ideally as a swim-lane diagram at a lower level, but at a higher level just the name and the context like “sell tickets”, “accept payment”, etc. The process of actually selling tickets and accepting payments often require basic NTRAC characteristics like

  • Name of the process, e.g. sell tickets
  • Triggering event, e.g. a customer comes to the kiosk
  • Result, like what is the outcome of the process, e.g. customer has procured a ticket
  • Activities, like selling a ticket actually is a number of steps, involving maybe other processes such accepting payment
  • Context, like what system support does it rely on, who is owner of the process, etc.

To obtain a complete and up-to-date description of business processes may be a time-consuming exercise, so we advise to look for the use-case and value first, and very often the context and connectedness to address processes at a higher level linking them to the overall business capabilities may be sound starting point.

To master the compliance and digital transformation often start by analysing the business processes in-spe. 

We can help you to succeed with process optimisation!

We are leading in digital transformation and strategy execution. We provide a large number of services, helping our customers to succeed with the mundane of getting an overall process map and capability map in place to support decision support to digitalise and streamline your business. We can provide practice and tooling to rapidly get to the connectedness and NTRAC desvription of your process portfolio, helping you to achieving business outcomes – and via democratized solutions we guide you to succeed faster and safer with the digital transformation.

The digital solutions we offer help you gain insight, better digital governance, smarter collaboration and re-usage of data and master data in a business-centric practice.

With an innovative, data-driven process intelligence system, we will enable a process-analysis that unveils your actual processes compared to your expectations. It will disclose what irregularities there are or might arise, relating to current and future factors, such as compliance, quality and effectiveness. You will be able to assess your key indicators and boost your operational productivity and performance through data-driven decisions. 

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