Process Excellence

We provide solutions and executive advisory to help you with establishment of process excellence. Working with Process Excellence, you will be able to provide improved transparency end-to-end of what a business does, improving the alignment between Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management.

With our assistance you can obtain an end-to-end views of your business operations, a higher maturity in terms of how you serve your customers and help to mature your corporate governance, risk and compliance.

No more excel attachments, no more PowerPoint-drawings do not fit with actual systems and staffing. We can help you to mature with digital ways of working to improve your overall process excellence. There is no need for one tool for EA and another tool for BPMN -we can help you you to assess your requirements, select the right platform and bring you to a much higher level of maturity in terms of process management, process compliance and impact assessments & continuity planning.

  • With improved focus on Process Management , we can help you to a stronger focus on the process management with transparency to processes, naming and context including alignment with your overall business capabilities to your actual business processes, and asses these in terms of criticality, impact and diagrams enabling better end-to-end views of your operating model. 
  • With Process Compliance,  we can help you to assess your business processes in terms of risk and impact, and link this to compliance and regulatory requirements such as mastering privacy, controlling and processing activities, GDPR, etc.
  • With Processes, BIA & BCP, we can help you re-use your acquired knowledge of the business operations to assess your risk, quantify your requirements to service continuity and and business impact, then to provide improved response to continuous testing and exercising of continuity planning. We often see large companies working with out-dated word plans for business continuity, we can bring this into digital collaboration and planning lifting this to totally new level of sound governance and compliance.

To increase your competitiveness, look out for a new digital way of conducting Process Excellence. We represent executive advisory and digital solutions for bringing process excellence out of the Visio and PowerPoint office, and into corporate digital action with focus on process improvement and sound quality. We offer services and solutions built on leading technologies and a new consulting approach where we support you through your entire transformational journey. 

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