Staun&Stender helps you navigate Business Architecture

Join our webinar to:

  • Improve your understanding of Business Architecture
  • Map Value Streams more effectively
  • Better align Strategy and Investments by the use of Business Capabilities
  • Digitalize information collection and connection to fuel collaboration
  • Streamline your BA practice with a digital SaaS like Next-Insight

Speaker: Morten Stender

Morten is an experienced Enterprise Architecture practitioner, and one of the founding partners at Staun&Stender – a leading advisory and solution provider to business strategy and transformation. With over two decades of experience, Morten specializes in implementing successful EA strategies for large-cap organizations. Holding a PhD, M.Sc., and B.Com from the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School, Morten is not only an expert in the field but also actively contributes to academia as an IEEE reviewer and appointed examiner at Danish Universities.

Who should attend?

  • Business Architect’s
  • CIO’s
  • Enterprise Architect’s
  • Business Analysts
  • Strategists
  • IT Leaders

45 min. - June 13th, 16:00 CEST | Zoom | Registration required

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More about the webinar

In today’s business world, knowing Business Architecture is key for using new technologies effectively.
This webinar shows how Business Architecture isn’t just about IT—it helps businesses seize market chances.
Find out how it helps rethink value, plan future products, and boost innovation and earnings.
See how Business Architecture cuts waste, uses resources better, and shares capabilities efficiently.
Learn how it turns strategies into plans, leads changes, and handles digital challenges.
Join us to see how to make a digital knowledge base for smarter decisions.
Use cases will be illustrated using Next-Insight.

Duration: 45 min

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