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Staun&Stender is the largest MooD reseller and implementation partner in Europe, helping large corporations adopt MooD Enteprise Architecture Management tool, developed by CACI UK Ltd. MooD is known for its flexibility and for the triple Queen’s Award for Enterprises for the most innovative product in the UK.

MooD is a large-scale data visualisation platform designed to bring disparate systems together into a single, coherent working model for management and future planning. From architecture sharing, design and analysis to programme collaboration, application building, and digital twinning, MooD helps ensure all your stakeholders work toward the same strategic and operational goals. It can also show you how system design and investment will impact project delivery, allowing you to design, test, and demonstrate complex architecture and systems quickly and securely – at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Mood has gained its reputation as a trustworthy EAM solution by driving efficiency gains and substantial cost savings, amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds for the British Government and major enterprises alike. We proudly serve various sectors including defense, central government, commercial industries, national security communities, and numerous others with MooD EAM capabilities.

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