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At Staun&Stender, we provide the perfect blend of consulting and advisory services, and new generation Enterprise Architecture Management software that drive successful business transformation, and strategy execution. Born in Denmark, Scandinavia, Staun&Stender empowers companies across the globe in their digital transformation journey – from establishing digital governance to making data-driven decisions.

Our competencies stem from extensive work with different organizations from private to public sector. We help them establish and mature their Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture practices, guide people to unleash their organizaton’s full digitalization potential, and take impactful steps in their strategy realization – from ideas to action. With data at the heart of our offering, we enable organizations to establish and maintain their IT landscape, streamline processes, optimize costs, maintain data management, and improve governance and compliance.

Supporting their digital transformation journey, we leave organizations and systems in a truly better place than where we found them. Are you ready to take your digital transformation to the next level?provide


Advocate Enterprise Architecture practice across organizations to enable digital governance and empower people with better decision-making.


 Empower data-driven strategic planning across organizations. 







We stay truthful and consistent across the different services that we provide, seek for the highest quality standards while choosing our partners and suppliers, and carefully select clients we are working for. We are transparent in our ways of working and ensure the highest security and compliance in the services that we deliver so that you would receive the most reliable services, leaving you highly satisfied with our solutions.


Collaboration is key in all what we do. Whether it concerns improved stakeholder engagement, and digital advocacy in your organization, or providing services from our side, we put a high effort in making collaboration work. We believe also, that there is always a person at the final receiving end of a service or solution, and that data and technology should help us humans make better decisions, and not the other way round.


We strive for professional excellence in the services we deliver, solutions we provide, and the ways of working to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. We believe that our advisory and consulting tasks should be both professionally challenging and personally exciting to make it a great learning experience for both us and the client.


We believe that work should be a fun place to be. Fun, in the sense that it is both professionally challenging and personally exciting. We seek to have a fun time working together, sharing knowledge, and feeling recognized for the professional work we do individually or as a team.

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