Staun&Stender helps your organization with seamless Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture  implementation. Prioritizing practice, adoption, and consumability, we utilize next-insight—an innovative low-code app—to redefine your approach to EA and BA.

One solution to master all of EAM

With Next-Insight you get all of the enterprise architecture and business architecture in one modern modern portal.

With Next-Insight, you have all your enterprise and business architecture consolidated within a single, modern portal.

No longer do you need a separate tool for Business Process Management, another for Capability Mapping and Value Stream Analysis, or a third for Applications Portfolio Management. Next-Insight provides the most innovative solution in the market, consistently updated for your benefit.

Making it look good

When considering “older” EA tools, they often:

  • Lack a modern web front-end
  • There is limited or no responsive design
  • Difficulties supporting drag-and-drop in the web-browser
  • Often the architects have to sit in the “ivory tower” because the tool does not not support interaction  through web-frontend.
  • Lacking an out-of-the-box metamodel.

In contrast, today’s leading web solution for enterprise and business architecture, Next-Insight, offers all of the above features. Thanks to modern low-code, Next-Insight manage continuous change and trends. Next-Insight offers an aesthetically pleasing interface, enhanced usability, all packaged in a modern user-friendly portal.

always look good
master data and gdpr via dataflows, next-Insight

Managing Information and Flows

Next-Insight provides a distinctive and contemporary approach to advancing Application Portfolio Management and Information Management through mastering integrations and data flows.

Its exclusive design, user-friendly interface, data-driven methodology, and visual impact ensure a modern solution for mastering data flows.

This applies not only to tracking and processing personal data but also to identifying and classifying information objects. It offers an overview of systems and processing, distinguishing between public, confidential, and restricted classifications.

Single Source of Truth

Next-Insight is your future Enterprise Architecture (EA) solution, positioned as the single source of truth (SPOT).

It features APIs and seamless integrations, creating an ecosystem of well-managed information for your architecture.With robust interaction capabilities among individuals within your organization, collaboration is simplified, enabling effective governance, compliance, and planning. Make your EA always up-to-date.

single point of truth
APM and application portfolio management is provided by Next-Insight

Applications Governance

Application Portfolio Management (APM) is a classical discipline of Enterprise Architecture and fully supported out-of-the-box with Next-Insight. 

Next-Insight offers processes and visuals to support connections between applications, business usage, and future business goals, contributing to the rationalisation of the IT landscape including TIME assessments.. 

Next-Insight enables organisations to make well-informed decisions regarding the use, maintenance, and targeted future use of their business applications and underlying software technologies. 

APM is not a one-off activity; it involves ongoing management and governance. This is a facilitated process within Next-Insight, featuring strong visuals, efficient workbenches for architects, and robust dashboards for management and end-users.

Convert to data-driven

Cease relying on free-text attachments if you aim to optimize your organisation. Enterprise Architecture extends beyond a multitude of Visio diagrams and PowerPoints; it is centered on obtaining data-driven decision insights and providing support for mastering both current and future planning. 

Often, KPIs arise from inadequately managed architectures where entities merely serve as aggregated metrics rather than being dynamic components within an EA solution, where data-driven insights occur organically. 

If your data is already outdated, you don’t require a PowerPoint; switch to Next-Insight for a dynamic and living architecture.

data-driven EA
Best tool for capabilities is NExt-Insight

Start with Business Architecture 

Business Architecture is an integral part of Next-Insight; It supports EA overall and Business Architecture. Next-Insight offers the leading choice for working with Value Streams and business processes; but equally for business capabilities. With Business Capabilities, you can model what your business does or will do. It is a great exercise to map out all overall activities in the business.
Business capabilities are logical and a great aggregation point for finding overlaps in systems, redundancies of processes, and metrics to associate with pain points in meeting strategic and tactical goals. Next-Insight offers a ready-made solution to work with business capabilities and other relevant entities to describe the business architecture in an external game and internal game.

The Unique Blend

Staun&Stender stands out as the exclusive advisor specializing in Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture. By leveraging our extensive experience and practice-based consulting, coupled with the advanced capabilities of Next-Insight, we ensure a secure journey for your Enterprise Architecture initiatives.

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